American Pro Inverter Direct-Drive Centrifugal Chiller Catalog

American Pro® provides state-of-the art equipment and the highest standards of professional products for commercial and residential use with the planet always in consideration.

American Pro® Commercial Air Conditioners always stands on the frontier of intelligent and effective technological development along the path towards technology and product innovation. Through building an internationalized R&D team, it has overcome various technical bottlenecks and first developed international-advanced core technologies such as the horizontally back-to-back uniaxial direct-drive centrifugal compression and full falling-film evaporation. By applying such technologies to the new high-end inverter direct-drive centrifugal chilller, it receives positive feedback from both the industry and users.

American Pro® Inverter Direct-drive Centrifugal Compressor Adopts the Patented Technologies as Follows:
1) Horizontally back-to-back self-balanced impeller
2) Impeller profile joint and fastening technology
3) Inlet guide vane regulating mechanism with rolling element
4) Integration design of thrust plate and rotation axis
5) Wire leading device and motor equipped with wire leading
6) A centrifugal chiller inlet guide vane correcting algorithm
7) Gas-inlet regulation mechanism and centrifugal compressor with this mechanism
8) Two Stage Compressor System

With 3D-flow closed and strongly backward-bladed impeller design, American Pro impeller efficiency higher than 97%. Unique pipeline crossover, with large backflow radius to reduce flow losses and noise. The technology of two-stage compression with economizer fully demonstrates the advantage of aerodynamic design and brings higher efficiency to the system.

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