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American Pro® Modular Air Handling Unit is available in two packing models, simple packing and wooden case packing. Modular Air Handling Unit provides air flow rate from 3,000m3/h to 200,000m3/h (1,800CFM ~ 118,000CFM)

Technical Specifications

Modular Air Handling Unit Features:

Reliable quality:
for the 3rd generation of AmericanPro MAHUs, reinforced frame is built in the section connection gap to enhance the structure for larger air flow volume and high air pressure. The MAHUs' construction provides unequaled thermal efficiencies and low leak rates. In addition, the MAHUs offers tremendous flexibility in sizing component options, and unit arrangements to meet the indoor air quality, operating efficiency, sound and installation requirements for today's extensive commercial and custom markets.
AmericanPro also combines comprehensive performance certifications with thorough laboratory testing and manufacturing methods. These assure that each MAHU operates predictably and reliably throughout the life of the unit. 

Modular design:
The MAHUs adopt modulus design. Usually including mixing section, primary efficiency filer section, medium efficiency filter section, high efficiency filter section, cooling coil section, heating section, humidifier section, sound attenuator section, service section, heat recovery section, fan section and so on. Function sections can be combined freely. different function sections. each section is wholly comleted at manufacturer's work place, and only connection of sections can be done at site. Oversized units cannot be fitted in normal container shipment or cannot be delivered through access at site can be considered shipment in complete knock down form, but reassembling works must be done by engineers af the manufacturer. 

Cold bridge free structure:
Unitary structure design and module panel design. Panels are double-skin with injection of high density polyurethane. The outer skin is anti-corrosion color-coated steel sheet, the iner skin is galvanized steel sheet, the density of polyurethane is more than 50kg/m3, and the thermal conductivity is 0.0224W/m2.K. The unit cabinet is constucted by panels with male and femail aluminum alloy cards and sealing strip. The air leakage rate is less than 0.29%. Units will not sweat when exterior room temperature is 27oC, relative humidity is 90%.

State-of-the-art design:
The MAHUs adop unitary structure desing and the insert fastening bolts are covered by haps which are in accordance with the color of the outer skin, and clear. smooth appearance make the outlook attractive.

The AmericanPro MAHUs are designed to provide easy access to interior components for routine maintenance and service.  The easy-to-move panels and access doors of the units provide complete access to the unit interior and components.

Wide usage:
AmericanPro MAHUs can be widely used in chemical fibers. electronics industries. textile mills. tobaccos, hospitals, printers, automobile and any other central air-conditioning systems, especially these have special requirements of environment space.

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