One-way Ceiling Cassette | Indoor Units

Model: APEA-E18R1/Z1-E APEA-E22R1/Z1-E APEA-E28R1/Z1-E APEA-E36R1/Z1-E APEA-E45R1/Z1-E APEA-E56R1/Z1-E

American pro® one way cassette is manufactured as a compact design, ultra slim body with a min. thickness of 153mm only, especially suitable for narrow ceiling places, such as lobby, small-size meeting room, or for tight space. Reserved fresh air intake port for high quality air supply requirement, creates ideal comfort and a fresh air environment. Special enzyme sterilization and filtering technology filters bacteria, smog, pollen, and other contaminants in the air. Provides a clean, healthy and natural air supply. Capacity [KW]: 1.8 ~ 5.6

Technical Specifications

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