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Model: APEA-E28R4/Z1-E APEA-E36R4/Z1-E APEA-E45R4/Z1-E APEA-E56R4/Z1-E APEA-E71R4/Z1-E APEA-E80R4/Z1-E APEA-E90R4/Z1-E APEA-E100R4/Z1-E APEA-E112R4/Z1-E APEA-E140R4/Z1-E

Quiet, with strong air supply. Strong circulating air flow to cool or heat every corner of the room and realizes even temperature distribution; by choosing high airflow mode, high ceiling application over 3m creates super comfort. LED display. Small body with Built in Water Pump. Color panel option. Please see current catalog for details. Capacity [KW]: 2.8 ~ 14

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