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Model: APLT-03M4(6)/D APLT-05M4(6)/D APLT-06M4(6)/D APLT-08M4(6)/D APLT-10M4(6)/D APLT-15M4(6)/D APLT-20M4(6)/D APLT-25M4(6)/D APLT-30M4(6)/D APLT-40M4(6)/D

American Pro® Fresh Air Vertical AHU is available in two packing models, simple packing and wooden case packing. Vertical Air Handling Unit provides air flow rate from 3,000m3/h to 40,000m3/h (1,800CFM ~ 24,000CFM)

Technical Specifications

Fresh Air Ccondition Vertical AHU Features:

High strength, high reliability:
Panels are double-skin with injection of high density polyurethane. The outer skin is anti-corrosion color- coated steel sheet, the inner skin is galvanized steel sheet. The unit cabinet consists of panels attaching to each other by combining with male and female aluminum alloy cards and sealing strip. tighten with concealed bolts.
Outstanding cold-bridge free structure:
The density of polyurethane injection is 50kg/m3 (themal conductivity factor. Unit cabinet is constructed by panels with male and female aluminum alloy cards and sealing strip. The service door (or service panel) is plastic-steel frame with polyurethane injection panel and rubber sealing strip.
Low air leakage rate:
Double skin panel, unitary structure design, less connecting joints, multi sealing strips in the contact surfaces, around sealing service door/panel, all ensure almost total air can be supplied to the air- conditioned room. The air leakage rate is less than 0.29%. Units will not sweat when exterior room temerature is 27oC, relative humidity is 90%.
- Simple structural components
- Less at-site work
High performance heat exchanger:
- Copper pipe and aluminum fin type heat exchanger, optimal choice of fin spacing and number of rows
- Fins are coated with anticorrosive layers, assure longer coil life and lower maintenance cost
- Optimal water circuits design, increased heat exchange efficiency and decreased water resistance, improving unit performance efficiency.
Stable air supply fan assembly:
- Yilida brand centrifugal fan, high performance efficiency, 3-phase, class "F" insulation and IP54 protection AC motor.
- Belt drive, optimal selection of drive ratio, increase fan/motor assembly efficiency, easy for maintenance.
- Service door or service panel is equipped for inspection of motor and fan.
Low noise design:
- Optimal fan selectio, excellent working condition, efficient operation
- Flexible connection at air outlet, minimizes vibration transmision
- Equip with shock absorbers, decreases vibration, low noise. Tighten cabinet, secure against noise leakage.
Improved indoor air quality:
- Aluminum alloy frame plate type filter, stable and durable
- Cover the whole return air inlet, large filter surface higher inlet air quality
- Filter can be extracted in leftward and rightward way, easy fro maintenance.
State-of-the-art design:
The outer skin is colored steel sheet with anti-corrosion coat and is cleanable; the fastening bolts are concealed by plastic c==s. The outer layer of film prevents panels from scratching during unit assembling and transportation. Clear, smooth and color coordination appearance make the outlook attractive.
Wide usage:
The AmericanPro AHU can be widely used in hotels. restaurants, factories, hospitals, airports, railway stations, exhibition halls, office buildings, shopping malls, laboratories and other central air-conditioning systems.
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