Unitary DC Inverter Type | Aqua Mini Chillers 50Hz

Model: APHD-A5X/E2Z1L - APHD-A7X/E2Z1L

American Pro® Unitary DC Inverter Mini chiller is air-cooled water heat pump chiller, no need cooling water tower at the condensing side, easy for installation. The units can freely combined with indoor fan coil units, additionally combined with indoor top level decoration, this bring you to enjoy the nobility coming from central air conditioner. American Pro® Unitary DC Inverter Mini chillers have capacities of 5000W and 7000W. It improves the features such as high efficiency, low noise, compactness, safety running, easy maintenance etc. It is widely applied in small business office building, apartments, villas, as well as restaurant and the similar places.


Technical Specifications


Full DC Inverter Technology

 At the heart of system is a highly intelligent inverter driven compressor. This advanced technology enables the output of the outdoor unit to be modulated by the cooling or heating demands of the zone that it controls. This advanced system ensures precise temperature regulation and highly efficient energy usage, making a significant contribution to the limiting the impact on the environment.

High efficiency DC fan motor saved power up to 50%.


Noise Reducing Design

Optimally designed fan shape and  air discharge grille increases air volume and reduces running noise.


High Efficiency


Wide Operation Temperature Range

Mini chiller system operates stably at extreme temperature range from -15°C to 46°C.


Energy Saving and High Reliability

By adopting high efficiency plate heat exchanger, the energy consumption can be reduced.

Built-in with voltage protection, current protection, anti-freezing protection, water flow protection and etc., effectively guarantee the system to work safety.

Metallic protective cabinet with rustproof plyester paint.



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