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American Pro ® water cooled screw chiller is the mature products which use R22 DX type evaporator and high efficiency Single/Dual compressor. Optimized system design and enhanced heat exchange efficiency make the unit working best under both full load and partial load. Every chiller is fully factory tested and gas charged in the factory before dispatch. It’ s good choice for hotel, shopping mall, hospital, factory, cinema and other civil architecture air conditioning system. Besides, it is widely used in plastic industry, electroplating industry, food processing, chemical industry and other technological process which needs plenty of chilled water.

255~1490 kW


Technical Specifications

Feature and Benefits

Leading Technology of Twin Screw Compressor

American Pro ® screw chiller is equipped with the 3rd generation industrial compressor that has thelatest advanced 5-6 asymmetry dentiform Semi-hermetic Screw Rotors.

The rotors are processed by high-precision CNC and each part is well-proportioned andnone-gap matched, which minimizes the friction resistance and clearance lost and alsoguarantees quiet running and good duration.

High Efficiency, Energy Saving

Extremely high full load and partial load energy efficiency.

New twin-rotor screw compressor equipped with a high-efficiency motor and a variable capacity valve that canadjust the capacity of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% in 4 stages (Stepless control as an option) and permits exactmatching of the cooling capacity to the actual load.

A decrease in chiller energy costs, particularly at the part-load conditions at which the chiller operates most ofthe time.

Outstanding Reliability

Full factory testing of the unit with water hookup helps provides a trouble-free start-up.

Extensive quality control checks during testing means that each equipment protection and operating control isproperly adjusted and operates correctly before it leaves the factory.

Transport simulation test in the laboratory on a vibrating table.Factory-installed options minimize field expenses and startup labor.

Easy and Fast Installation

The unit has passed full factory test before being delivered to ensure the reliable working on the site. The unitcan be placed in service only after being connected with power and water supply during field installation.

The installation and adjustment are simple .Standard flange connection and wire mesh to the electrical panel.Refrigerant and lubrication oil are provided to the unit in the factory. Only piping connection and power supplyconnection are required on the site.

Intelligent Control, Easy Operation

Microprocessor control as standard on all the units. A display illustrates themachine’s operation status and programmable parameters (set point) e.g.water temperature and refrigeration pressure and temperature, allowingthe operator to determine the unit status and also allow changes to variousset points. The controlsystem adopts PCB with predictive logic to select the most energy efficientcombination of compressors.

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