DC Inverter Invar T Series | Outdoor Units

Model: APEA-252(8)X/E2SZ1(C) APEA-280(10)X/E2SZ1(C) APEA-335(12)X/E2SZ1(C) APEA-400(14)X/E2SZ1(C) APEA-450(16)X/E2SZ1(C) APEA-500(18)X/E2SZ1(C)

INVAR T outdoor units achieve world’s largest capacity of 72HP with the industry's top class energy efficiency of cooling and heating. It supports an incredible piping length of 1000m and a longer level

difference of 110m, making it perfect for big-sized and high-rise buildings for wide application.


Technical Specifications

Wide Application Range

Wide Range of Outdoor Units

The outdoor units capacity range from 8HP up to 72HP in 2HP increment. Maximum 64 indoor units withcapacity up to 130% of total outdoor units can be connected in one refrigeration system.

Large Connectable Indoor Units Quantity

The large quantity of connectable units is suitable for large buildings and projects.

Wide Operation Range

The INVAR series system operates stably at extreme temperatures ranging from -20°C to 48°C

Long Piping Length

High External Static Pressure

Max. 60Pa external static pressure can be customized for theoutdoor unit, flexible to build-in installation.

A standard 0-20Pa external static pressure is equipped by defaultfor all outdoor units. 20-60Pa can be customized for 12HP model,20-40Pa can be customized for other modules.

High COP/EER Values

The cooling EER up to 4.29 and the heating COP up to 4.39 in the 8HP catagory.

All DC Inverter Technology

All DC inverter compressors make the capacity output better distributed, and always work at 60-140Hz whichis the most efficient range. It makes the efficiency more than 30% higher than the normal.

According to the running load and system pressure, the system controls the speed of DC fan to achieve theminimum energy consumption and best performance.

High Performance Heat Exchanger

The new designed window fins enlarge the heat-exchanging area , decrease the air resistance, save more powerand enhance heat exchange performance.

Hydrophilic film fins and inner-threaded copper pipes optimize heat exchange efficiency.

Innovative designed high efficiency heat exchanger, which can reach up to 12°C subcooling degree,reduces the system resistance and improves reliability.

When the outdoor temperature is 35°C, the refrigerant can be cooled down to 37.1°C, thus achieving highheat-exchanging efficiency with only 2.1°C temperature difference.

Night silent operation mode

High comfort outdoor unit’s multi-choice of silent mode during the night.Super silent operation mode can reduce sound level further, minimum 45dB (A).

Intelligent defrosting technology

Intelligent defrosting program will judge the defrostingtime according to the system real requirement, reducethe heating loss by unnecessary defrosting and makethe indoor side more comfortable.Defrosting time can be shortened to 4 min. due to thespecialized defrosting valve.

Easier Installation and Service

Simple Signal Line Connection

Auto Addressing

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