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Model: AP.MTCMHX380/D(U3) - AP.MTCMHX500/D(U3) -AP.MTCMHX600/D(U3)- AP.MTCMHX900/D(U3) - AP.MTCMHX1000/D(U3) - AP.MTCMHX1200/D(U3)-AP.MTCMHX1420/D(U3)

American Pro® Tropical Air Cooled Screw Chiller is a kind of central air-conditioning unit which adopts air as the cooling or (Heating) source and water as the cooling or (heating) medium to cool down or (heat ) the indoor ambient temperature through the indoor terminal(AHU/FCU). American Pro® air cooled screw chillers are the premium solution for industrial and commercial locations where installation contractors, consultants and building owners require optimal performances and optimized air quality. Air cooled chillers typically have a lower initial investment and maintenance cost than water cooled system because they do not require a cooling tower, condenser water pump, and associated condenser water chemical treatment system.

376~1203 kW


Technical Specifications

Tropical Air Cooled Screw Chiller (Tropical condition,50Hz) Features:

Environmental Care

- R134a environmental friendly refrigerant

Refrigerant of the HFC R134a group with zero ozone depletion potential. Very low GWP (Global Warming Potential)

Lower refrigerant charge through the use of high-efficiency heat exchangers

- Leak-tight refrigerant circuit 

Reduction of leaks as no capillary tubes and flare connections are used. Verfication of pressure sensor and temperature sensors without transferring refrigerant change. Discharge shut-off valve for simplified maintenece 

Low operating sound levels

- The twin-screw compressor adopts the strong points of gapless-loss, high efficiency cubage, low noise, few easy workout parts. Double-wall structure not only comensates the pressurelso significantly reduces the noise. Cast iron casing and oil separator can reduce the noise significantly. 

- Low noise fans, made of composite material are even quieter and do not generate intrusive low frequency noise. Rigid fan mounting is preventing start up noise.

- Multiple direct drive dynamically balanced propeller fans operate at low tip speeds for maximum efficiency and minimum noise and vibration. A heavy-gauge vinyl-cooled fan guard protects each fan. 

Design flexibility

- Six basic capacity modules, wide array of module combination 

- Standard module for flexible stock and fast delivery 

- Field coupled to meet large project tonnage requirements

- Low initial investement and maintenance cost.

User friendly

- Touchable screen display, color coaded, easy for operation

- Three status indicator of the screen which include power, status and communication

- Liquid crystal 40 character display with text provided on two lines and light emitting diode bakclighting for outdoor viewing. 

PLC technology accuracy control

- The newest advanced microprocessor controller. This controller monitors analog and digital inputs to achieve precise control and protective functions of the air cooled water chiller units. This microprcessor  controller is complete with all the hardware and sorware necessary to control the chiller unit and ensure its efficiency and reliability. 

- Intellegent control: The unit is controlled by micro controller (PLC) with has the automatic control fuctions of fault diagnosis, energy management and anti-freezing monitoring ensure the high-efficiency operation and more convenient in use. 

- The unit with RS485 open protocol communication interace is BMS compatible. The startup and shutdown of each unit is controlled by the host computer, reducing the running cost to the lowest. 

- Complete and safe control system: all electrically control elements are designed and selected with stable quality and reliable function; The unit designed with multiple security measure ensure the safe and reliable running.

- The sesonr related to control and other assemblies are equipped by factory and strictly tested. 

Absolute reliability, very economical operation

- Bizer brand twin-rotor compressor equipped with a high-efficiency motor

- Electronic expansion device permitting operation at a lower condensing pressure and improved utilisattion of the cooler heat exchange surface (Superheat control)

- Fully factory testing of all the units ensures a trouble free start up. The unit has passed full factory test before being delivered to ensure the reliable working on the site. 

Easy and fast insltallation 

- Compact size and module design save the transportation, lifting and installation cost

- The unit can be placed in service after being connected with power supply and water supply during field installation. 

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