DC Inverter Invar Series  | Outdoor Units

Model: APEA-252(8)X/ EDZ1(C) APEA-280(10)X/ EDZ1(C) APEA-335(12)X/ EDZ1(C) APEA-400(14)X/ EDZ1(C) APEA-450(16)X/ EDZ1(C) APEA-252(8)X/ EEZ1(C) APEA-280(10)X/EEZ1(C) APEA-335(12)X/EEZ1(C) APEA-400(14)X/EEZ1(C) APEA-450(16)X/EEZ1(C) APEAD-252(8)X/EDZ1(C) APEAD-280

Developed to facilitate more flexible system design for big-sized and high-rise buildings

INVAR SERIES VRF product, which is designed to optimize the system and better satisfying the market.

Offering a higher capacity up to 64HP by combining maximum four outdoor units, in 2HP as an increment.

Three types of units are included: INVAR Heat Pump Units (INVAR), INVAR CorrosionResistance Heat Pump Units (INVAR DS) and INVAR Cooling Only Units (INVAR D).


Technical Specifications

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