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American pro® air-cooled chillers adopt air as the cooling/heating source and water as thecooling/heating medium to cooling/heating the indoor ambient temperatures through the indoorterminals (AHU/FCU).It includes air cooled scroll chiller and air cooled screw chiller. The capacity range is from 25kW to 1420kW for one unit. The maximum capacity output is up to 2000kW for combined air cooled scroll chiller. The chillers can be used in all types of climate;the wide selection of module makes it possible to build a system forany of the customers’ requirements.

25~2000 kW 

Technical Specifications

Air Cooled Modular Scroll Chiller (condition,50Hz) Features:

Modular design:
The freely configurable five-module design simplifies installation and features a DIP switch that enables any module to be selected as the master unit. The modular design facilitates easy  expansion in stages to respond to additional cooling requirements. This solution provides excellent partial load facility, significant cost-savings, and easy transportation and installation. As distributors stock all modules modules, rapid delivery is guaranteed. 

Digital scroll technology:
Digital scroll technology,provide maximum reliability, high efficiency and quiet operation.The widest capacity output can be achieved, comfort room temperature, efficiency of the whole system can be improved significantly. Advanced digital scroll technology for small modules (25/30/65kW) maximizes reliability, ensures efficient and silent operations, optimizes capacity output, and provides a comfortable room temperature.

Save energy:
In a single chiller system the output capacity is proportional to the load of the building. In the partial load condition the single chiller system will operate at 10% to 70% which is a very low efficiency for a system and lead to a very low IPLV/NPLV. In a multiple system the system output capacity is not proportion to the load of the building and only one chiller will operate in the low efficiency area and other chiller will work in the high efficiency area. The IPLV/NPLV will be increased significantly by the modular design.

Wide range of ambient temperature:
The ambient temperature can go down to - 10˚C in cooling mode. The wide ambient temperature range is optional, and can be adjusted to meet different requirements. 

User friendly remote control:
Switch the S7 address on the PCB to ON to enable the following remote control operations:
■ Remote ON/OFF.
■ Remote mode selection: heating or cooling. 
■ Remote alarm.

Backup functions:
 When unit is failed.
■ If master unit fails, all the units will stop.
■ If one slave unit fails, this unit will stop but the others will keep running.     
■ When the master unit fails, any of the slave one can be set as the master unit by manual setting.
■ When unit is under protection.
■ If master unit’s protection occurs, this unit will stop but the others will keep running. 
■ If slave unit’s protection occurs, this unit will stop but the others will keep running.
■ ( Except PE, P9 protection happens)PE: Low-temperature protection of evaporator.P9: Outlet and inlet water temperature difference protection.

Optimized electrical design:
The standardized hardware and program design efficiently manages raw materials via programming parameters written onto a EEPROM chip, which enables after-sales modifications, customization and troubleshooting. The electrical panels provide a clear visual representation of the wiring scheme completed during assembly.

Built-in hydraulic module:
The unit's in-built hydraulic module simplifies installation, saves space, improves aesthetics, and cuts costs. (Available for the 30kW module with the low temperature cooling function.)

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