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American Pro® launched the third generation of centrifugal chillers with higher efficiency and more compact size compared to the second generation. By using the advanced design platform the compressing efficiency and heat exchanging rate have been increased significantly. The full failing film heat exchange technology also be used to increase the efficiency and decrease the refrigerant charging volume up 40% less compared to the flooded type. It is an innovation to protect our environment and decrease the CO2 emission effectively.

1582~7735 kW

Technical Specifications

Centrifugal Water Cooled Chiller Features:

Near a half of a century of experience in design and manufacturing of chiller products enabled American pro® to continue delivering products of high quality, high reliability and high efficiency to our customers all over the world.

American pro's® independently designed second generation “Smart Star” centrifugal chiller uses environment friendly R134a refrigerant which is not subject to a scheduled phase out. R134a has been proven to achieve high efficiency without harming the environment and the effects of direct and indirect global warming potentials are dramatically diminished.

Environment Friendly R134a:
Environment and its sustainability is the responsibility of any company that supplies excellent products and services to  customers. American pro® has long been committed to the environment and its sustainability, American pro's® “Smart Star” centrifugal chillers provide our customers with a non-ozone depleting R134a refrigerant that can is highly-efficiency, chlorine-free, and a long-term solution without being subjected to refrigerant phase out.
At the same time, R-134a chillers operate with the entire system above atmospheric pressure at all times, there is no need to purge the unit. In the event of a small leakage, refrigerant escapes from the chiller to the atmosphere, that allows easy detection and repair. And R134a has a lowest toxicity and flammability rating which translate into being a low hazard.

High Reliability:
A single-stage semi-hermetic positive pressure compressor uses advanced international leading NREC design technology. The single-stage design eliminates the additional moving part in the multi-stage compressor, such as a second impeller, this feature increases the reliability. The refrigerant cooled hermetic motor is sealed from the external air and environment which eliminates contamination possibility. American pro's® centrifugal chillers achieve high reliability because of the design, manufacturing and testing.

Semi-hermetic Motor:
The motors are hermetically sealed from the machineroom, cooling is accomplished by spraying liquid refrigerant on the motor windings and shaft. This highly efficient cooling method results in the use of smaller, cooler-running motors. As a result, hermetic motors require lower inrush current and are smaller,lighter and quieter than comparable air-cooled motors.

Modular Construction:
The evaporator, condenser, and compressor assemblies are completely bolted together, making the chillers easy to disassemble and reassemble at the jobsite. This feature makes the chiller easy for transportation and assessing problems at the jobsite. This attribute can mean considerable installation cost savings on many retrofit applications that may have limited doorway size.

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