Indoor Ducted Split ( Hot Water Coil) | Ducted Split (Hot Water Coil)

Model: APDI24HWM2050ZL3 APDI36HWM2050ZL3 APDI48HWM2050ZL3 APDI48HWM2050ZL3 APDI60HWM2050ZL3 APDI36HWM2050ZB2 APDO36C201R250ZB2 APDI48HWM2050ZB2 APDO48C201R250ZB2 APDI48HWM2050ZB2 APDO48C238R250ZB2 APDI60HWM2050ZB2 APDO60C238R250ZB2

Ducted Split With Hot Water Coil Gives You a Wider Range of Heating and Cooling Capacities Capacity [BTU]: 18,000 ~ 60,000

The unit is specially designed for certain countries where have demands for a ducted split air conditioner which can use refrigerant to cool a room in summer and hot water from boiler to heat a room. This ducted split system has a direct expansion coil for air conditioning cooling, and a hot water coil encased in the same indoor for hot water heating. The reason why using hot water for heating is the oil and gas supply is cheap in those countries.

High SEER efficiency, R22, eco-friendly. Ideal for gulf regions, desert, and high ambient temperatures.

Super Quiet,Smooth Air Flow,Convenient and Easy to Install.


Technical Specifications

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