DX Air Handling Unit 50Hz outdoor | DX Split Air Handler

Model: APTIU-24CN1S2-13 APTIU-36CN1R3-13 APTIU-36CN1S2-13 APTIU-36CN1S2-13 APTIU-48CN1R3-13 APTIU-60CN1R3-13

DX Air Handlers directly chill air by the refrigerant in the cooling coil of the air handling unit. Due to this heat transfer process is more efficient, since there is no middle agency involved for the heat transfer resulting in higher cooling efficiency.

In case of the chilled water system, the cooling effect from the refrigerant is first transferred to the chilled water, which is then used to chill the air used for cooling the room. There is some loss of the cooling effect when it is being transferred from the refrigerant to the chilled water and from there to the air due to which the chilled water systems have lesser cooling efficiency. The chilled water acts as the secondary medium for cooling the room air in air handling unit.


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