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The Chillers are designed with the highest product engineering to get the right balance between the compressor, condenser and evaporator in order to provide high efficiency and a wide safety margin. These units are low noise, compact, simple operation, easy to install and even easier to maintain. The American Pro® Desert Pro Series are designed to meet each other’s needs according to the different load variations. You can combine up to 20 modules, these combinations can be performed with chillers of different capacities from 60 up to 600 tons.

210~2100 kW


Technical Specifications

• Semi-hermétic Compresors by Carlyle
• Programable Controler by Carel.
• Shell and tube high efficency heat exchanger that comply UL, ETL, ASME.
• Operational Temperature from  0°F  to 60°F as standard
• Condenser axial fans made by Rosenberg, motor Belt free, external shaft free.
• Electrical panel Cristal Clear Cover by ABB, IP 67.
• Microchanel condenser 100% Aluminum made by alcoil, 20% thicker tube wall.
• Includes full charge of refrigerant
• Sight glass (refrigeration liquid line)
• Refrigeration service valves
• Filter drier liquid line
• Dual power inputs - bottom and sides
• Hydraulic or water pipes in PVC Schedule 80, with union nuts
• Flange or Victaulic water connections
• Metallic frame base
• Flow switch included
• Voltage monitor included 
• Powder coated electrostatic paint wiht high UV resistance 
• Intertek ETL Registed protect your investement and your staff

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