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American Pro® introduces its new water Cooled Centrifugal VSD Chiller. A Variable Speed Drive controls motor speed and torque by varying the motor input voltage and frequency. This technology offers Energy savings, Elimination of expensive mechanical drive components, Increase Motor longevity, and Reduce power line disturbances.

879~1943 kW

Technical Specifications

High Efficiency,Energy Saving

The chillers adopt R134a refrigerant, and by using the break-through high speed inverter technology to enhance the eÿcien-cy resulting in COP up to 6.45. This series of centrifugal chillers solved a worldwide problem in the industry- small capacity models are difficult to reach high efficiency.


Reliability quality

Axial force self-balance technology, air flow can produce axial force on each impeller, the axial force balance technology makes both the axial force on the impeller always cancel each other to ensure
self-balance. The remaining axial force is only 10% of that in the traditional structure to further promote product reliability.

Long lifespan

The compressor adopts high-speed inverter motor which is directly connected to the impellers in two-stages, resulting in reduced transmission parts, less mechanical loss, better reliability and long lifespan.

Quiet Operation

The motor directly drives the impellers, reduces transmission parts, less mechanical loss and reduced running sound value up to 10dB(A).


Wide Operation Range

By using a variety of chiller’s combination, expands the product application range, effectively reduces the surge point and decreases the operation costs.

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