American Pro® VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) Air Conditioner achieves the industry's top class energy efficiency of cooling EER and heating COP by utilizing the Brushless Reluctance DC compressor control, improved performance heat exchanger by innovative design and numerous high performance key parts. High efficiency DC inverter compressor reduces power consumption by 25%.

American Pro® VRF Air Conditioner covers Tropical and Non-tropical applications and creates the perfect cooling/heating performance, enhances comfort and reliability and easy installation. Eco-friendly development and testing will ensure that our ozone layer will not be affected by using our entire product line, especially our VRF system.

American Pro® Variable Refrigerant Flow System (VRF) is technology designed and used as a system to maximize efficiency and minimize all losses. A single American Pro VRF system can power more than 64 indoor units. This provides excellent zoning and the refrigerant flow can vary from location to other location, delivering necessary cooling/heating power to each zone where needed.


Outdoor Units
Indoor Units
Heat Recovery Ventilator

American Pro® produces a complete line of chiller products for the commercial and light commercial industry.  Chillers offer many solutions for commercial buildings highly recommended for schools, college campuses, warehouses, large villas, gyms, and retail stores. We produce mini air cooled chillers, modular scroll air cooled chillers, air cooled screw chillers, screw water cooled chillers, and centrifugal water cooled chillers. American Pro® air cooled, water cooled and mini chillers are manufactured, assembled, and tested within the factory, this practice reduces field labor, allows for fast installation and improves reliability.


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Our precision air-conditioners (Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) & Computer Room Air Handlers (CRAH)) provide various options to meet various specifications, assisting the user in deciding which system package is most suitable for them; without going through the trouble of site renovations.

  • American Pro® Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) & Computer Room Air Handlers (CRAH)
  • Precise and quick processor-based temperature control, to keep your IT equipment at the right temperature, always.
  • Precise humidity control. Electronic devices require a steady level of humidity for proper functioning. Both high/low humidity levels can impede them on the long run.
  • Designed for 24 x 7, 365 days continuous operation. Room air conditioners are generally designed to be used for a few hours, that too during summers.
  • Precision air conditioners are designed to manage high levels of sensible heat (heat without humidity, emanated by machines) while comfort/standard air conditioners are designed to manage latent heat (heat with humidity, emanated by people).


Precision Air Conditioning - CRAC & CRAH

American Pro® introduces the Rooftop Packaged Category including a wide range of units, Tropical & Non-tropical, 50Hz & 60Hz, and supports R410A & R22 refrigerant types. American Pro® Rooftop Packaged units shall be factory assembled, internally wired, fully charged refrigerant and 100% run tested to check cooling and heating operation, fan and blower rotation, and control sequence before leaving the factory. Wiring internal to the unit shall be colored and numbered for simplified identification. The unit is provided with an integral weather resistant control panel.


Rooftop Packaged HVAC Units (50Hz)
Rooftop Packaged HVAC Units (60Hz)

American pro® Air Handling Units (AHU) are the primary equipment in an air system of a central air system. Air handlers condition the air and distribute it to various conditioned spaces. American pro® air handling units (AHUs) are designed and manufactured to work for all kinds of space needing cooling and heating, such as office buildings, shopping malls, exhibition halls, schools, airports, railway stations, hotels, factories and any other central air-conditioning systems. We have launched a dynamic 3rd generation air handling unit (AHU) to provide you with more comfort and convenience. It has unitary structure design, more outstanding cold-bridge free performance, lower air leakage and a more stylish appearance.

Suspended AHU
Horizontal AHU
Vertical AHU
Modular Air Handling Unit

The American Pro® Chilled Water Fan Coil Unit is designed and manufactured on the base of advanced technology, and utilize qualified galvanized iron as structure material. Due to its supper-thin design, it has such advantages: beautiful outlook, space saving, easy installation, etc. And the most obvious advantage is that it can decrease the outlet air temperature difference as low as possible to make room more comfortable, as well as don’t decrease cooling capacity output. For the large air flow volume design, it can increase room ventilation frequency, supply more flesh air, and balance room temperature distribution. Benefiting from adoption of advanced material and technology, it can effectively reduce the running noise and keep running smoothly. With the advantages above, it can be widely applied in market, hospital, office building, hotel, airport, etc. The American Pro® Chilled Water Fan Coil Unit contains ceiling exposed type, ceiling concealed type, wall-mounted type and floor-standing type. The air volume varies from 150CFM~2,200CFM (255m3/h~3740m3/h). The standard power supply is 220-240V/1 phase/50Hz.

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Ceiling & Floor FCU

American Pro's® commercial ducted and floor standing systems are completely assembled, internally wired, charged outdoor unit with refrigerant at the factory. The site work is just simple installation of connecting refrigerant pipe and a communication wire between outdoor unit and indoor unit. Refrigerant pipes are threaded connections, they do not need welding. Split systems are ideal for homes, offices, hospitals, hotels, meeting rooms, schools, airport lounges and any other public areas. Our commercial split system air conditioners create a comfortable air environment along with a stylish design. Capacities range from 76,000 BTU to 192,000 BTU (for 50Hz units) and reach 240,000 BTU (for 60Hz units).

R410A 50Hz Split System
R22 50Hz Split System
R410A 60Hz Split System