Commercial HVAC Chillers

American Pro® produces a complete line of Tropical and Non-tropical air cooled chiller products for the commercial and light commercial industry. Chillers offer many solutions for commercial buildings highly recommended for schools, college campuses, warehouses, large villas, gyms, and retail stores.  It includes air cooled scroll chiller and air cooled screw chiller. The capacity range is from 25KW to 1420kW for one non-tropical unit and from 25KW to 1200KW for one tropical unit. The maximum capacity output is up to 2000kW for combined air cooled scroll chiller, 11360 kW for combined air screw chiller. For tropical units, the maximum capacity output is up to 2000kW for combined air cooled scroll chiller, 9600 kW for combined air screw chiller. The chillers can be used in all types of climate; the wide selection of module makes it possible to build a system for any of the customers’ requirements.


Tropical Air Cooled Modular Scroll Chiller 50/60Hz
Non Tropical 50/60Hz | Modular Scroll Air Cooled Chiller
Tropical condition Air Cooled Screw Chiller, 50/60Hz
Non Tropical Air Cooled Screw Chiller , 50/60Hz
Coolfort Tempo Super Series
American Pro Desert Pro Air Cooled Screw Chiller

Our water cooled chiller division produces a wide range of screw and centrifugal chillers covering all customers’ needs worldwide. Optimized system design and enhanced heat exchanging efficiency make the unit working best under both full load and partial load. Ultimate performance and high quality to meet the requirements for comfort cooling/heating in any location specially in challenging climate conditions.


Centrifugal Water Cooled Chiller
Centrifugal Magnetic Chiller
Centrifugal VSD
Water Cooled Screw Chiller R134a Flooded
Water Cooled Screw Chiller R22 DX

American Pro® Mini chiller series is air-cooled water heat pump chiller, no need for cooling tower at the condensing side, simple installation. The units can freely combine with indoor fan coil units, additionally combined with indoor top level decoration; this brings you to enjoy the nobility coming from central air conditioner. American Pro® Mini chiller series include full DC inverter & fixed unitary type (hydraulic module integrated) and split type, and the capacity of full range product is from 5kW to 16kW. It improves the features such as high efficiency, low noise, compactness, safety running, easy maintenance etc. It is widely applied in small business office building, apartments, villas, as well as restaurant and the similar places.

Unitary DC Inverter Type
Unitary Fixed Type
Split Digital Type