VRF Systems

American Pro® VRF Air Conditioner achieves the industry's top class energy efficiency of cooling EER and heating COP by utilizing the Brushless Reluctance DC compressor control, improved performance heat exchanger by innovative design and numerous high performance key parts. High efficiency DC inverter compressor reduces power consumption by 25%.

American Pro® VRF Air Conditioner covers Tropical and Non-tropical applications and creates the perfect cooling/heating performance, enhances comfort and reliability and easy installation. Eco-friendly development and testing will ensure that our ozone layer will not be affected by using our entire product line, especially our VRF system.


Vivid II Series DC Inverter VRF
DC Inverter Invar L Series
DC Inverter Invar T Series
DC Inverter Invar S Series
DC Inverter Invar X Series
DC Inverter Invar J (Individual Series)
DC Inverter Invar Series
DC Inverter Mini VRF Series
DC Inverter Mini VRF Tropical Series
Tropical Digital Scroll Divar Series
Digital Scroll Divar (Heat Pump) & Divar D (Cooling Only) Series

American Pro® VRF system technology improves livability because it operates while using a state of the art zoning technique that allows for ultimate comfort in living areas. The temperature and dehumidification control that takes place allows freedom for the consumer to choose heating or cooling by areas in use. By using zoning, reduced energy consumption is achieved, using only power where needed. VRF products provide a practical solution due to their independent comfort zoning, energy efficiency, eco-friendly features (R410A refrigerant) and fashionable design. American Pro® provides wide selections for the indoor units that cover all customers’ needs and more.


One-way Ceiling Cassette
Two-way Cassette
Compact Four-way Cassette
Four-way Cassette
Low Static Pressure Duct
B5 Type Concealed Duct Unit Slim B5 Concealed Duct Unit
High Static Pressure Duct
Ceiling & Floor Type
Wall Mounted T Type
Wall Mounted D Type
Wall Mounted E Type
Wall Mounted S Type
Floor Standing
Fresh Air Processing Unit

The heat recovery ventilator (HRV) can reclaim heat energy lost through ventilation and reduce the room temperature fluctuation caused by ventilation process. By utilizing the most advanced technology and technics, American Pro® HRV has extremely good performance. The heat exchanged core is made of special paper processed with chemical treatment, which could realize better temperature and humidity control of the room environment. Temperature exchange efficiency is above 65% and enthalpy exchange efficiency between 50-65%. Sound proof material is used to guarantee quiet operation. Air flow rate range [m3/h]: 200 ~ 2000

Heat recovery ventilator