R410A 50Hz Split System

American Pro® Commercial Split System Outdoor Units are universal; they are designed to work with floor standing, medium static pressure duct type, and high static pressure duct type. Environmentally friendly (Available for R410A products) Chlorine free R410A, and zero ozone depletion potential. Leak-tight refrigerant circuit, brazed refrigerant connections for increased leak-tightness. No complex internal suction and discharge valves for quieter operation and higher reliability. With thermal protectors that prevent motor overheating, loss of phase and low refrigerant or oil charge. Compact size and lightweight, simple design. Double direct-drive motors, designed especially for tropical conditions; high anticorrosion aluminum blades, built-in design, low noise. Capacity [BTU]: 76,000 ~ 192,000 


American Pro® Commercial Medium Static Pressure Duct Type Indoor Units are compact design, concealed installation without floor space requirement. Uses flexible duct to cover wide areas and for different room shapes. Convenient installation, hidden in the ceiling, unit installation is not hindered by the location of lighting fixtures or room structure. Air inlet/outlet flange are standard for easy duct connection. Easy maintenance through the inspection port. Free air duct design- Multi diffusers from one indoor unit, air-conditioned multi rooms at the same time. 3 speeds of air supply can be chosen by remote control. The duct type indoor unit is suitable for various applications where there are many rooms or halls, such as restaurants, offices, concert halls and hotels. Available capacities from 76,000 BTU to 150,000 BTU.


American Pro® Commercial High Static Pressure Duct Type Indoor Units use high external static pressure, and longer air supply distance. External static pressure is up to 196Pa. It also uses flexible duct design for different room styles. Ideal for large warehouses, banquet halls, gymnasiums, workshops or large spaced interior areas. The max distance of air supply is about 14m. Available capacities from 76,000 BTU to 192,000 BTU.


American Pro® Commercial Floor Standing Type System supplies powerful air flow that reaches long distances. Touch screen control, available for wireless remote controls, washable filter. Ideal commercial spaces, warehouses, hotels, conferences rooms or other areas, it is ideal because it is smaller in size than other units for confined space cooling and heating. Available capacities in [BTU]:  (76,000/96,000/120,000).