American Pro® VRF- Climate Control Middle East magazine article

Focus on System Stability and Energy Efficiency

American Pro® has successfully been supplying contracting companies building villa projects in the U.A.E. (with Wall Mounted, Chillers, and VRF systems) and surrounding regions. Pricing is competitive in the GCC and MENA region, but we still guarantee that our goods firstly are the best for our clients. Client relationships are our #1 priority, because of our customers we exist. If we were unfaithful and careless with our sales approach and business strategies, we would not continue to have a reputable and trusting business established since 1992. Integrity is something our team values extremely. 

American Pro® VRF system technology improves livability because it operates while using a state of the art zoning technique that allows for ultimate comfort in living areas. The temperature and dehumidification control that takes place allows freedom for the consumer to choose heating or cooling by areas in use. 

By using zoning, reduced energy consumption is achieved, using only power where needed. VRF products provide a practical solution due to their independent comfort zoning, energy efficiency, eco-friendly features (R410A refrigerant) and fashionable design. Eco-friendly development and testing will ensure that our ozone layer will not be affected by using our entire product line, especially our VRF system.

Our research and development teams, as well as our engineers are looking ahead into the design approach with deep consideration of how energy and water is consumed. Our R&D teams are developing minimal maintenance cost products, such as our VRF, while keeping in mind how the production of our goods can impact our environment; we are sensitive and care about the earth and all living things that inhabit it.

Innovation and development are both a priority and commitment for our company. American Pro® continuously monitors the demands of consumers and strives to develop and improve all products to exceed the market requirements, such as saving energy which results in decreasing electrical bills. The high efficient digital scroll compressor, DC motor and high efficient heat exchanger in the system are the key factors to the energy saving quality feature.

VRF technology is unique; it uses inverters as well as special dual compressor outdoor units. The VRF system offers longer load matching, which prevents constant cycling or large temperature fluctuations and differences. Load matching guarantees comfort, efficient operation, and outstanding dehumidification results while reducing bacteria in the air.  

American Pro® uses R410A as the refrigerant, which is known for its non-depleting feature, it is environmentally friendly, causes zero ozone depletion, causes significant performance in energy efficiency, is more reliable and smooth in operation, and in addition, it reduces pressure loss for improved performance.Our exceptional modular design of VRF remarkably saves energy to occupants and freedom of choosing the zones to cool or heat. Due the development and usage of a VRF system, it will save between 30 and 50 percent over a baseline system. The EER is up to 4.35 and the COP up to 4.8 in the 8HP category, making it a top class energy efficient system. 

American Pro® VRF systems are suitable and especially designed for GCC and MENA regions due to their extraordinary performing ability in ambient and hot tropical regional environments. Due to the combination of high quality parts that withstand high desert temperatures and quality testing that exceed requirements mandated by certification, our products undoubtedly outperform and exceed others. Our VRF systems are certified by agencies such as CE, SASO, NOMA, ISO14001, and many more. Quality testing is a continuous process we proudly take part and look for up to date methods in remaining not only competitive, but striving to remain in touch with the future demands and latest trends in design, fabrication, and engineering dynamics. We strive to ensure that each region’s need for comfort is addressed. Each type of project differs and ranges from offices, to villas, to warehouses or shopping centers, and we consult and utilize systems that will work best for each individual project.  No matter how cold the winter is, for example, when the outdoor temperature is down to as low as -20°C or in the summer when the temperature is up to 54°C, our systems will perform excellently to ensure comfort all year round.