About Us

About Us

About American Pro®

Our company was established in 1992, performing heating and air conditioning services in the U.S.A. and since then we have expanded with importing, exporting, and marketing our products all over the globe. As suppliers, American pro® has been pleased and committed to supplying HVAC and home appliances.  We are recognized globally because of our devotion to our products.
As manufacturers, American pro® brand provides state-of-the art equipment and the highest standards of professional products for commercial and residential use with the environment in mind.Our products are designed specifically for homes, commercial, institutional or industrial needs.We take pride in our products because every major component requires the perfect combination of modern technology, reliable testing and quality assurance principles. This combination of successful production leads to a reputable name.

Our Mission Statement

American Pro® is dedicated and is goal driven to promote the most efficient and best level of quality products for comfort.We are knowledgeable about the most efficient and up to date systems in the heating, cooling and household appliances industry worldwide.We strive to remain a company that stands for quality, comfort and trust. 

Our company practices cautiously to ensure that everything in our development and manufacturing process is eco-friendly. We are also proudly certified and trained with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in USA and ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers) in order to ensure our company operates with compliance, stays informed, and protects our planet, with the safety of our customers and employees in mind. in The production process from the beginning until installation and operation at the best efficiency possible is never overlooked