Control for Fan Coil AP.UDS,AP.UGN,AP.UD,AP.ULN Series

Model: AP.TA107,AP.TA107DB,AP.TA108DB2,AP.TA108DA2,AP.TA108DB2-RL,AP.TA108FCV2,AP.TA8023DB2-L-MD,AP.TA-YK,AP.TA108DB2-RL,AP.TA-S3,AP.TA-G2-3/4-S2,AP.TA-G3-3/4-S2

A family of digital and non-digital fan-coil thermostats provide line/low and High voltage on/off control for various fan-coil units in residential and commercial applications. Great for use in Hotels, Condos, and Mall, Villas user interface and ease of installation. Attractive modern styling