VRF Indoor Four-Way Cassette, 360º air outlet.


VRF Indoor Four-Way Cassette, 360º air outlet, no blind spot.

Four Way Cassette compact design unit height only 250mm, and it have the options of Fourteen models capacities, used for cooling or heating Special design for corridor and Bedroom, corridors, Offices. These electrical appliances are the best choice if for some reason it is impossible or inappropriate to use the most popular air conditioners. The VRF internal cassette with a circular flow, it is used with aerospace technology on three-dimensional spiral fan blades with an optimized air duct design to reduce the internal resistance of the device and provide ultra-quiet operation, creating a comfortable and pleasant environment.

360° air outlet,no blind spot

Has slim body with 230mm height,it is specially suitable for low suspended ceiling rooms.

Compact design, only 230mm height

Built-in drain pump, drain height can be 1200mm

Cooling capacity range:

Ultimate: Cooling capacity: 2.8 ~ 12.0 kW

Heating capacity:3.2~18 kW