VRF Large Capacity Ducted 50-60Hz


High-Performance Ducted unit refers to semi-industrial and industrial air conditioning systems. This is the most powerful indoor unit produced by various manufacturers. In its purpose, characteristics and principle of operation, it is similar to a supply and exhaust installation.

This channel is designed for uniform cooling or heating of objects (including those with a complex configuration) with an area of ​​200-600 sq.m. Air ducts are connected to it, through which cooled (heated, drained) air enters the premises or to their specific areas. In order to effectively perform its functions, the device must pump an air stream under a rather high pressure - 200-300 Pa. Otherwise, it simply will not reach the destination. First of all, this applies to rooms located above the indoor unit.

The high-performance unit is characterized by large dimensions (length can reach 2.5 m, depth - 1.8 m, height - more than 1 m), so it is best to place it in engine rooms, utility rooms or objects with high ceilings. The best option is to hide the device behind a suspended ceiling or false panel, because a rare user will want to spoil the interior of an office, shop, restaurant, shopping center with a cumbersome and also quite noisy “box”.

Behind the false ceilings or wall panels are placed and ducts connected to the “duct”. On them, the air flow pumped by a high-performance air conditioner enters the serviced rooms. Outlets and building openings are covered with decorative grilles, diffusers or anemostats.

 Design,air leakage rate lower to 0.029%

300Pa high static pressure,suitable for large space

Purification section as optional

Cooling capacity range:

Ultimate: Cooling Capacity: 19.5~ 62 kW

Heating Capacity: 25.4 ~ 68 kW