VRF Purifying Heat Recovery Fresh Air Handling Unit

Model: AP.USA015L, AP.USA025L, AP.USA035L, AP.USA050L, AP.USA080L

The heat recovery core is formed by cross-laminating and rotating single-sided corrugated paper sheets by 90°.
Such core has two vertical paths which leave each other in peace. In this way, the fresh air and return air could go separate ways and heat and humidity can be exchanged.
Equipped with Japan's latest technology, the parallel paper for such core is uniform in texture and without pores, and shows heat recovery efficiency of 80%.

All-round air replacement.

Enjoy fresh air without having windows open

The unit is ceiling-mounted in places not that noise-sentimental.

With all air ports put indoors, it can ensure that air is supplied and discharged evenly and smoothly.

Efficient heat exchanger core

Efficient energy recovery