Mini VRF Outdoor 50Hz


Smart Night Silent Mode, Forced Silent Mode, Night Forced Silent Mode, Compact design Smart and Quick Defrosting, Oil Return When Heating Without Stopping the Unit Cooling/Heating capacity:10/12.5~18/20 kW

The performance of the air conditioner when working in the cold is 12 kW, for heat - 14 kW. Its cooling efficiency coefficient (EER) reaches 4.03, heating (COP) - 4.38. According to these indicators, it is one of the best on the market among devices of this class.

Equipped with an American Emerson Copeland scroll compressor and one fan. The load volume of ozone-safe freon R410A is 2.5 kg. Allows you to connect up to 6 indoor units. Significantly exceeds the most stringent national and European energy efficiency standards. Power supply - 220 V 50 Hz.