American pro® Tropical Rooftop TITAN X Seriers

Model: AP.BDQTE-Q Series

The American Pro® Rooftop Units AP.BDQTE-Q Series are specially designed and manufactured to meet the requirement of the Gulf’s severe climatic conditions and are built specifically for outdoor installations. The units are designed to fit all applications, they can also be slab mounted at ground level or set on steel beams above a finished roof. The air-cooled packaged rooftop units are designed to operate in a wide ambient temperature range between 60°F [15.5°C] to 125°F [52.0°C]. It is available in 50Hz & 60Hz with a cooling capacity range of [14 to 146kW] using R-22 or R407C/R410a  refrigerant. The units are manufactured as per AHRI 210/240 and 340/360 standards. The AP.BDQTE-Q series with new features is suitable for Hotel, Office, Hospital, School, Factory, Villas and supermarket Apartments building, mall applications. The low noise and compact series are completely leak tested, evacuated, dehydrated and charged with refrigerant prior to shipment.Cooling Capacity from 14 - 146 kW (4 - 42 TR) 50/60Hz 


High-low pressure cutout to protect compressor from high discharge pressure

and system leakage.


Compressor, condenser coil, filter drier, sight-glass, thermo-expansion valve,

distributor and evaporator coil is brazed in complete sealed loop.

Leak and pressure tested at 450 psig.

Pressure ports are provided on the discharge, liquid and suction line.

Evacuated, dehydrated and charge with refrigerant gas prior to shipment.


Constructed from heavy gauge galvanized steel.

Panels are painted with epoxy powder paint for excellent nish, weather-ability and corrosion resistance.

Double skinned evaporator section insulated with 1” x 2 lb of linacoustic berglass for

durability, reliability and lower noise.


Independent thermal expansion valve with external equalizer for better refrigerant control and wider load condition.

Leak and pressure tested to 450 psig

Evacuated, dehydrated and charged with refrigerant gas.

Coil rated in accordance with AHRI Standard 410.


Belt driven drive package oers exibility on various air ow rate and various static pressure applications.

Single large diameter double inlet double width blowers (AMCA certified) reduce the noise level and

eliminates the need for common transition and eliminates air unbalance.


2” thick washable pleated filters with 75% arsenate efficiency as per ASHRAE Standard 52.1.


Stainless Steel Drain Pan

Hot Gas Bypass

Evaporator Coil Fin Materials

Condenser Coil Fin Materials

Condenser Coil Guard

High and Low Pressure Gauges

Discharge / Suction / Liquid Line Service Valves

Filter Options

Electric Heater

Main Incoming Isolator

Phase Failure Relay

Thermostat / Temperature Controller

Crankcase Heater 24Vac Control Supply

Liquid Line Solenoid Valve (LLSV)

Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV)