American pro®-Air Cooled Scroll Chiller AP.BDET Series

Model: AP.BDET,AP.6BDET Series.

American pro® AP.BDET Air Cooled Scroll Chillers, have a cooling capacity range from 10 to 180 TR [35 to 633 kW] version using environmentally sound HFC-410A refrigerant. The entire product line features energy efficiency, installation ease, control flexibility, high reliability, compact footprint and advanced controls.Scroll Compressors are designed for Commercial/Industrial Applications and provide the same high quality and efficiency as Reciprocating or Screw Compressors. They have been developed specifically for use in Packaged Chillers and Condensing Unit products. Upon shipment, the new AP.BDET R410A unit is installation-ready with a compact size, reduced weight and complete factory piping and wiring. Refrigerant charge is included and a thorough factory test under load is conducted on each unit to ensure trouble-free start-up and operation


·      30 models from 10 up to 180 TR [35 to 633 kW] for 50Hz & 60Hz units

·      The unit is designed to operates with R410a refrigerant, the environment

friendly refrigerant with zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential)

·      Units are rated and certified with AHRI standard 550/590

·      ETL listed for 60Hz models

·      Unit operating ambient temperature, 45 ~ 115°F [7 ~ 46°C]


·      Reliable Tandem or Trio scroll compressors

·      Compressor lead-lag configuration on all models

·      Suction gas cooled motor

·      High EER

·      Solid state motor protection module monitors motor winding temperature

via embedded PTC sensors. This protects motor overheating caused by

overload, low refrigerant flow and incorrect motor rotation

·      Crankcase heaters are provided to minimized oil dilution and liquid

refrigerant migration


·      Casing are constructed from heavy gauge galvanized steel

·      Powder coated baked finishing, offers excellent corrosion resistance for

outdoor applications, which withstand up to 1000 hours salt spray test in

accordance to ASTM B-117

·      Direct driven fans

·      Starters and control panel for safety

protections, precise and reliable control

·      High efficiency brazed

plate heat exchanger

·      Tandem or Trio Scroll compressors

·      V-coils configuration

for small floor space requirement